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  • Real life Success Stories

    Since the Military, Jason had gradually put on weight, and had tried everything to lose it. He’d tried every diet and got to a...

    Jason - lost 31 kilos

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  • Real life Success Stories

    Before her Gastric Banding Procedure, Melanie felt like life was passing her by. She was just a spectator and too embarrassed to...

    Melanie - lost 29 kilos

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  • Real life Success Stories

    Long, stressful hours at work meant that Stephen was constantly exhausted and that no matter what he did, he couldn’t stop the...

    Stephen - lost 46 kilos

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  • Real life Success Stories

    It was the birth of her daughter that was the turning point for Kimberly to lose weight. Kimberly wanted to be around to see her...

    Kimberly - lost 22 kilos

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